• Spinnaker Office Tower

    Technical characteristics: Number of floors: 3 underground, 45 above-ground Useable area: 54500 m2 Office area: 40000 m2 The designed building consists of three underground and 45 overground storeys. The finishing height of the last office floor is 172.5 m. There is a technical space above the roof level. The shape of the building in the […]

  • Wronia 31, Warsaw

    Technical characteristics: Investor: Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o. Implementation period: December2015- December 2016 Usable area: 17.000,00m2 Number of floors: 4 underground, 15 above-ground The Wronia 31 is a fifteen-storey office building with four-storey underground part used as a garage. It is located in the city of Warsaw within the Wola district at Wronia 31 and […]

  • The Warsaw HUB

    Technical characteristics: Investor: Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o. Implementation period: in the process of building since December 2016 Usable area: 102,624,66m2 Number of floors: 4 underground, 19-31 above-ground The Warsaw HUB, previously known as Sienna Towers, is the complex of three office buildings (one 31-storey, the others 19-storey) in the Wola district at Sienna and Towarowa. […]

  • Marynarska Office Park in Warszawie

    Technical characteristics: Investor: Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o. Implementation period: April 2012 – October 2012 Land area: 17.958,00m2 Gross covered area: 6.211,39m2 Total surface area: 87.354,00m2 Useable area: 48.775,65m2 Cubature: 314.500,87m3 Numer of floors: 3 underground, 8/6 above-ground (section A,B,/connectors) Marynarska Office Park is a modern complex od office and service buildings forming in the […]

  • Warsaw Spire

      Technical characteristics: Investor: Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o. Gross covered area: 5.94.4 m 2 Total area: 10,4300 m2 Useble area: 102,624,66m2 Cubature: 474,698,97m3 Number of floors: 5 underground, 17 above-ground (buildings B and C), 50 above-ground (building A – tower) The amount of embedded concrete: 86.644m3 The amount of built-in steel: 15.000.00 tons The […]

  • IBC Building in Warsaw

    An office building constructed in a complicated geometrical disposition. Time period in which the works were carried out: October 2001 – April 2002 Range of construction works performed: – Monolithic reinforced concrete pillars – 553 pieces – Monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling constructions – 10.000 m2 – Monolithic reinforced concrete hooks – 3.000 mb – Monolithic […]

  • Senator, ul. Bielańska 10 in Warsaw

    Senator is the office and retail building which consist of the new part and preserved historic fragments of the old buildings given renovations. The building has a five-storey gallery covered with a steel roof with a glass skylight, two-storey mezzanines (on the 4th and 5th floor) and three levels of underground garages. In the central […]

  • Mokotów Nova ul. Magazynowa / Wołoska in Warsaw

    General contractor: GHELAMCO Poland Sp. z o.o. A complex of four office and service buildings is located at a depth of 10 m below ground level. It has 3 underground floors under the buildings (garage) – 1 underground storey area of ​​approx. 13,000 m2, one office and service building with 12 floors, one with 7 […]

  • Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw

    General contractor: Konsorcjum: ALPINE BAU, PGB.S.A, ALPINE BAU GmbH, HYDROBUDOWA POL Construction start: 2009 – September Completion of construction: 2010 – July Structural height: 113 m Height to the roof: 70 m Architectural height: 113 m Upper storeys: 9 Underground storeys: 2 Total area: 203920 m2 Office space: 15000 m2 Commercial and service area: 25,000 […]

  • Crown Square, ul. Przyokopowa 31 in Warsaw

    An office – commercial building, set at depth of 10 m below ground, 3 underground storeys with the surface of 7.000 m2(the garage), 13 storeys above ground, office space surface: 17.000 m2. Monolithic and basic reinforced concrete construction of the building. Time period in which the works were carried out: works began in January 2009 […]