Project description


Technical characteristics:

Investor: Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o.

Gross covered area: 5.94.4 m 2

Total area: 10,4300 m2

Useble area: 102,624,66m2

Cubature: 474,698,97m3

Number of floors: 5 underground, 17 above-ground (buildings B and C), 50 above-ground (building A – tower)

The amount of embedded concrete: 86.644m3

The amount of built-in steel: 15.000.00 tons

The building consists of three buildings (“A”, “B” and “C”) connected by a common, five-storey underground part. The building was made in concrete, monolithic technology (reinforced concrete structures, pre-stressed concrete and composite). Steel elements are local structural supplements. The foundation slab was made as a prestressed concrete conduit.


The building “A” is the highest of three facilities designed on a conjoint block of the underground. It rises to a height of 220m to the top of the masts at its top. The highest situated 46th usable storey is located at the level of about 166m above the land surface. The contour shape of a typical story is bisected. Poles combined in the shape of the V were made in level 0 of building A, in the building’s perimeter to the height of 2 storeys and in the front part of the building to the height of 5 storeys. Some of the circular poles on the lower aboveground floors were reinforced with rigid I-sections. On the top of the building there were made two spiers in the form of steel masts about 40m high.


Symmetrically shaped structures of the lower buildings “B” and “C” of the complex, which both rise to a height of about 59 m above the ground surface, were constructed on both sides of the “A” building. Steel roofing was made on the top floors of buildings B and C.


The construction of small rivers and fountains together with the modernization of the existing water reservoir was created in front of the WARSAW SPIRE building complex.



Client:Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o.