Project description

General contractor: GHELAMCO Poland Sp. z o.o.

A complex of four office and service buildings is located at a depth of 10 m below ground level. It has 3 underground floors under the buildings (garage) – 1 underground storey area of ​​approx. 13,000 m2, one office and service building with 12 floors, one with 7 floors and two with 9 floors. The usable area of ​​the complex is 40,000 m2.

Implementation period: August 2010 – March 2011


Scope of construction works – concrete, carpentry, reinforcement and assembly work:

•Monolithic reinforced concrete structure:

– foundation slab 60 cm and 45 cm with trim, with drops

– walls of staircases, elevator chess and installation chess

– tight walls of tanks

– simple ceilings, mushroom ceilings, beams, lintels

– entry ramps for garages

– monolithic reinforced concrete poles

•Overcast concrete laid on prefabricated floor slabs and concrete filling of space between prefabricated elements

•Assembly of prefabricated reinforcing steel

•Infrastructure and small architecture – a fountain, ventilation intakes, plinth walls, closing walls for façades, foundations for devices

•Assembly of prefabricated elements:

– prefabricated and steel reinforced concrete poles

– prefabricated and steel reinforced concrete beams

– HC channel plates

– prefabricated reinforced concrete stairs


Client:GHELAMCO Poland Sp. z o.o.