Project description

An office – commercial four buildings complex, set at depth of 10 m below the ground, 3 underground storeys (the garage) – Total surface of one storey: 13.000 m2, two office commercial buildings with 10 storeys, one with 7 storeys and one with 11 Total surface of the entire complex: 43.000 m2.

Time period in which the works were carried out: March 2007 – November 2007

Range of construction works performed – carpentry concrete, armament and installation works:

Monolithic reinforced concrete works:
– Basics – plate 60 cm with carves and binds
– Walls of staircases, elevator and installation routes and other
– Straight ceiling constructions, beams
– Footlights
– Monolithic reinforced concrete pillars
– Surface concrete laid on basic ground plates as well as filling in wholes connecting basic construction material
– Installation of armaments
– Accompanying infrastructure– the fountain, ventilation routes

Installation of basic construction materials:
– Basic reinforced concrete pillars
– Basic reinforced concrete beams
– HC channel discs

Basic reinforced concrete stairs


Client:GHELAMCO POLAND Sp. z o.o.